Photo and Filming Policy

How we use photographs and film

Star Creative Heritage may take and share photographs and film footage of our activities and events to help us celebrate our successes and achievements, provide a record of our activities and raise awareness of our organisation. We may share images on our social media channels, email newsletters and printed publicity. We may also share images with our funders to provide them with a record of our projects.

We may continue to publish the images and recordings for up to four years after the end of a project. They may remain online and in the places where they were published after this date, and they may be kept as an archive of our activities.

Opting out

We understand that some participants in our activities may not want to be photographed/filmed or have the images shared.

Most of our events require participants to sign up using on an online registration form. As part of the form we include details of how we might take/use photographs/footage and participants must select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to indicate their consent or otherwise. If you have opted out of being photographed/filmed we will make every effort to avoid this.

Where an event takes place which participants do not need to register for, we will display clear signs explaining that photographs are being taken, what they will be used for, how they will be shared, and how to opt out.

Event participants can change their mind and opt out of being photographed or having images shared at any time, even if they have previously opted in.

Star Creative Heritage does not currently run events or activities for children, but if a child should attend one of our events we will check with their accompanying adult before taking photographs/footage and or/sharing them.

Requesting a photograph or footage to be removed

If you wish to have a photograph or piece of footage removed from our website, please follow the instructions in our Takedown Policy.

If you wish for us to delete a photograph or piece of footage that you appear in please email us using the contact details below.


Photographs and films taken by the Star Creative Heritage team are copyright of Star Creative Heritage and may only be shared with our permission.

We have published a number of historical photographs on our website and social with permission of the copyright holders. If you wish to re-use one of these images, please contact us so that we can put you in contact with the copyright holder.

If you wish to share one of our photographs/footage, opt out of being photographed/filmed, or have any other questions about our Photography and Filming Policy, please contact Dr Sam Carroll ( or Dr Zoë Bliss (

Last reviewed: 22/09/2022